Where the Sidewalk Ends and ‘The Law’ Begins? A look Inside the Uninvestigated Crimes of Payne County.

You come home from work and plop down on your sofa, search tirelessly for the remote and tune into your local news. Sports scores, weather, a kids lemonade stand is raising money for disabled animals of disabled veterans, CAPITAL crimes.

Has Trump Made America Great Again? How KFC’s new Cheetos® Chicken Sandwich Answers This Question.

To say the subject of President Trumps “Make America Great Again,” campaign motto has been discussed is a gross understatement of epic proportionality. Lauded and laughed at by some political sycophants occupying a side of the proverbial aisle. With a new election drawing ever closer, the question remains. Has Trump made America great again? And […]

METH: A History, as Told by an Addict

The dutiful son, dropped out of high school to run the farm and settle into a life that Hobson told his mother, “would end by shitting his pants and dying alone clutching a shotgun, soiled in the soy field.” Hobson wasn’t happy about his new path, his life would be lived the same as all the other Oklahoma dirt farmers. Hobson only returned to his high school one last time, he left the contents of his locker untouched, the only thing he went back for was Cassie Jones, the last person he would ever love.