This introductory article is to state I have thrown my hat into the ring officially. The knee jerk reaction involved several Mexicans, a few mag drills, and a case of Dexpan. Cooler heads have for now prevailed. As the investigation wains due to lack of evidence or lack of interest, the involved parties seek alternative means of justice. If the pen is indeed mightier than the sword, I shall now begin to sharpen my pen.

You come home from work and plop down on your sofa, search tirelessly for the remote and tune into your local news. Sports scores, weather, a kids lemonade stand is raising money for disabled animals of disabled veterans, CAPITAL crimes. What about the stabbing in your neighborhood that you weren’t told about because an undermanned police force did not deem it an absolute necessity to investigate?

In this political hemisphere, it should come as no surprise that crimes committed in economically downtrodden neighborhoods go primarily unnoticed, unreported, and the world keeps turning. Ethel turning one-hundred will probably make it to your screen. Pablo killed for his sneakers and seven bucks, probably won’t.

Payne County boasts a high per-capita of churches to people; would you be shocked to learn that a bastion of lawlessness exists within the same border as multiple Houses of God? An invisible line shields the establishment from the jurisdiction of a large city and instead shucks responsibility to two investigators. Was this delineation predetermined to appease secular members of the community while still keeping Gamora within a reasonable drive?

My work has already started. I will attempt to tell the tale of Keke. What happened and what is being done about it. It’s not an uncommon story. The typical narrative of a Mexican beaten and left for dead outside an American strip club located in Bible Belt USA. The American Dream.

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