The internet is not lacking on it’s bevy of opinions. Dragging your fingers across the keys will provide you a multitude of responses to whatever it is you put out. So, when trying to decide which way you lean on a certain topic, where do you turn to get information? Asking this same question is why “the last individual” exist.

The title is simple, an ambiguous phrase uttered while proceeding to complete a conventual task in an unconventional way. “Why do you walk in the rain when everyone else is running”? I respond with “the last individual”. Stubbornness? Maybe. I don’t see it that way though. I see it as a mantra, a way to question everything.

Too often we see something and go with it as fact. Just because something fits our narrative does that make it right? Why has it become so difficult for us to be objective? We cheer when we succeed, we laugh when the others fail and we call foul when things don’t go our way. My ultimate goal here? To have an outlet that lets me grow as a writer. While challenging my ability to formulate and express objective views.

The topics of discussion will vary greatly. I hope to entertain and engage with people from all over with views different than my own.

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